Czego szukasz?



On October 13, students from second and third grades took part in the exchange in Zwolle with our teachers – Mrs. Aneta Gradkowska and Mr. Mateusz Belniak.

The topic of that exchange project was “My future”. During the exchange we had to think about our future and how we want it to look like. All of us took part in different workshops – Arts, Music, Sport, Dance, AI and Newsmakers. We were improving our skills and also making new friends. The results of our workshops were shown on Thursday’s evening gala – the last day of the exchange.

Sunday was a family day, even though none of us spent it with family, actually we spent that time with our hosts and the rest of the group. Most of us planned to go to Amsterdam, but because of the protests, none of us ended up going there. Instead, we all went to another big city, Utrecht. Most of the time we were walking around the city and sightseeing. The few of us climbed the Domtoren, the highest tower in the Netherlands (112 m, 465 steps), viewed the panorama from there. We also went to the old church and had a boat trip along the canals. At the end of the day, some us went to the beach.

Most of us were living in Zwolle where we spent most of our time and where the school is placed. After school we all went to city center with our friends. Our hosts showed us places like: huge old bookstore and church Grote Kerk. On Monday 16th we went to the cinema. We watched a movie called The Pod Generation which suits to our exchange theme. On the last day we all played a city game. We had to walk around the city and solve a riddle.

On Tuesday 17th, we had trip a to Eindhoven. We went there by double deck bus. In Eindhoven we went to a conference centre Evoluon. This building has a shape of an alien spaceship and there is an exhibition „Retro future” wich we visited. We could see what people from the past expected from the future and how they imagined it. Next we had 2 hours for exploring that city with other students. We were walking around and admiring views (especially beautiful architecture of buildings). At the end of the day we went to the Italian restaurant and we ate delicious pasta and pizza. We really enjoyed this day!

Everyone was happy, we spent the whole week laughing, sightseeing and creating great memories. You should definitely take part in the exchange and visit the Netherlands because it is such an awesome experience.

Urszula Stawicka, Maja Dunikowska, Maria Krasińska, Aleksandra Dyńska